I recently had to go to New York for a conference. It would be more accurate to say that I was blessed once again with the opportunity to be in New York for a few days! The magic of this city and how it can inspire you in a way that very few places in the world can do is amazing. For people in fashion like us, New York is and will always be a source of inspiration.


It is as much an inspiration for activewear as it is for fashion. People in the Big Apple are crazy about Yoga, Running and Fitness, and I had the opportunity to witness all of this! The first thing I did was to wake up for an early and inspiring running session in Central Park. I could not help but be absolutely amazed by the atmosphere so early in the morning!


However, I was shocked that when I went home most of my colleagues told me that they never thought about it, and that they normally worked out in their hotels’ fitness centres, as it was much more convenient! What a shame!!!! I was shocked, as some of them have been in New York for over 10 years, and never had this amazing experience! This gave me the idea to start this series of articles, and although it may be obvious to you, the number 1 place on our list by a long way is Central Park!!!


So next time you come to NY, be sure that you invest some time to live an unforgettable experience!